Motocross racer meets HipTrac

Hip pain threatened to end racer’s Motocross career

Motocross racer Simon Gerber uses HipTrac to deal with hip pain.Simon Gerber is part of the Kempten Motocross team of RE-Racing from Kempten. Simon is a metal worker at Norm Aufzüge AG Frauenkappelen who started riding a Honda CR50 when he was four. Until he was 16, he rode his motorcycle on his uncle’s fields, and then purchased a racing license for the Freiburger Championship series. He’s very active – as part of his Motocross training for Motocross, he jogs, bikes, and races regularly.

Over the last year, Simon faced an increasing amount of hip pain that disrupted his life and threatened his continuing Motocross participation. Here’s his story of regaining his life.

“Hi, I’m Simon Gerber, 31 years old and actively involved in motocross racing, bike racing and biking. I want to share my experience with the HipTrac with you.

For more than a year, I had strong hip pain, mostly at night, so I would wake up and have to walk through the apartment until the pain eased. After consultation with my sports doctor and my physical therapist, I started taking a painkiller to sleep. The pain increased to the point that it was hard to train with my road bike and with my mountain bike.

During the season, I worked with my sports doctor and with my physical therapist, but nothing we tried helped. Just before the end of the season, I was examined again. After an MRI, I learned that hip pain came from damaged cartilage, mixed impingement, a ruptured crack and bursitis.

Just before Christmas, I was introduced to HipTrac. At that point, I was willing to try anything because I had nothing to lose. Within two weeks, I felt a little improvement. Now, after using HipTrac for six weeks, I’m really happy. I can sleep without painkillers and I’m actively training in the Motocross preseason.

My conclusion: HipTrac worked for me! I recommend it to everyone with hip pain to control the pain and regain control of their life.”