Finally! Independent Long Axis Traction is Here.

HipTrac™ delivers the same long axis hip traction as that performed manually in the clinic.

Just like long axis hip traction, HipTrac stretches and mobilizes the hip joint capsule, decreases intra-articular pressure in the joint, relaxes muscles around the hip and lumbopelvic region and increases the bathing of nutrient-rich fluids around the femoral head and acetabulum. The result for patients is pain relief and increased mobility.

HipTrac was cleared by the FDA in 2012; providers can bill for use of the HipTrac in clinical practice using CPT Code 97012 (Mechanical Traction).

The benefits for your patients:

►  Decreased pain, increased mobility and ROM.

►  Increased exercise tolerance to improve biomechanics, strength, mobility, cardiovascular health and weight loss.

►  Reduce the risk of co-morbidities due to inactivity related to progressive OA.

►  Increased functionality and higher quality of life.


The benefits for you and your practice:

► Maximize professional time while minimizing physical effort –  while one patient is on HipTrac, treat another or catch up on charts.

►  Place your patient on HipTrac and moist heat to relax and prepare their hip for soft tissue and joint mobilizations.

► Breakeven on investment in a few months, then generate profit.

► Create new referrals for your practice.


How does HipTrac pay for itself?

Using CPT Code 97012, HipTrac pays for itself in as little as 3 months depending on your specific reimbursement and sessions performed. After that, it goes directly to your bottom line! The investment for HipTrac for providers is $895 (retail $1495). We offer flexible payments, rentals and demo units;  call us at (650) 479-4474 for more details. And, for a limited time, we’re offering the opportunity to try HipTrac in your office for a month.

HipTrac’s long axis hip traction provides relief to patients with hip osteoarthritis, FAI, labral tears and several other conditions.  You can review HipTrac recommended protocols here – both initial and for specific pathologies. There are some patients who can’t use HipTrac, find out more about contraindications here.

If you’d like to see HipTrac in action, we offer HipTrac webinars that cover how to use, protocols for different pathologies, live demonstration and Q & A with HipTrac’s inventor, Dr. Tony Rocklin. Contact us for information on webinars.

HipTrac expands your practice’s ability to provide hip traction AND maximizes your professional time.

Ready to invest in a HipTrac for your practice?


Want more information? Check out the videos, datasheet, example protocol, HipTrac manual and detailed diagram below.

► PDF, how to setup the HipTrac, put on the bindings and connect them.
► PDF, recommendations on flexion, intensity and duty cycles for an initial test and introductory use.
► PDF, recommendations on flexion, intensity and duty cycles for specific hip pathologies and for athletes.
► PDF, an overview of HipTrac for colleagues not familiar with it.

If you already have a HipTrac, click here to go to the Getting Started with HipTrac page for videos, basic and advanced protocols.