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Independent long axis traction comes to the Middle East

The Arab Health Conference is 1st Middle East showcase HipTrac is now appearing in the Middle East, in its first showcase at the Arab Health Conference in Dubai. We’re delighted to welcome Anil Daniel Prasad and his company Focus Professional as the exclusive distributor for MedRock products for the Middle East and India. Prasad is a practicing physiotherapist specializing in sports and musculoskeletal therapy. Focus Professional also organizes  evidence-based medical courses throughout the Middle East. […]

hip traction comes to the middle east

HipTrac Meets Bodybuilder with FAI

Bodybuilder Wins! Long axis traction and HipTrac can provide pain reliefon a range of hip pathologies, including hip osteoarthritis (hip OA), femoroacetabular impingement(FAI) and labral tears. For Stuart Cosgrove, using HipTrac relieved his pain and enabled him to return to his full workouts. Stuart, currently a physiotherapist (Cosgrove Physio) and a former Mr. Britain, is a dedicated HipTrac user.  “I started using the HipTrac and noticed a very quick improvement in my gait pattern and pain reduction. I used the device every day for one week, then […]

Long Axis Traction, Manual Therapy and HipTrac

How Does Long Axis Traction Help? Long axis traction is one of the key manual therapies that physical therapists use to relieve the pain and improve mobility of patients with hip osteoarthritis. Long axis traction has been in use for more than 100 years, and multiple studies over the last twenty years have documented its efficacy.  They also suggest that higher traction forces up to 800N are superior for improvements in pain and mobility.  However, those higher traction forces can be difficult […]

Portable hip traction provides a bridge to surgery

Portable hip traction helps when traveling Aaron was diagnosed with labral tear with femoral impingement. When he visited his physical therapist, the hip traction he received gave him significant relief. Nothing else he’d tried helped and that put him to thinking about alternatives. “I first sought to build my own traction device but had visions of doing more damage then good. So I sought it out on Google and found a Canadian supplier. Then went […]

Side-lying Option for Advanced Traction with HipTrac

Another Home Hip Therapy Option In this excerpt from his workshop at OPTA 2016, Dr. Tony Rocklin, a leading advocate for conservative treatment for patients with hip osteoarthritis, discusses the use of HipTrac in the side-lying position. After patients have used HipTrac and advanced to pressures of 70 PSI or more, and have decreased the flexion of the HipTrac from 30 degrees to 0 degrees, they can try the side-lying position for increased traction force. In […]