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HipTrac Helps Pro Basketball Player Landen Lucas

And guess what, he doesn’t have any hip problems! Landen Lucas is a former member of the University of Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Program. He graduated in 2017 and is now embarking on his professional career. After playing with the Boston Celtics in the 2017 NBA Summer League, he signed a 3-year contract with Alvark Tokyo in Japan. As a 6’10” and 240 lb. forward, Landen’s body is constantly taking a pounding.  He’s running up and […]

Diet Rich in Saturated Fats Associated with Osteoarthritis

A recent study from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) identified a high-fat diet, and specifically, saturated fats as a prime suspect in the onset of osteoarthritis. QUT scientists found that a diet containing 20% saturated fats changed the composition of cartilage in the weight-bearing joints of the hip and knee. The modified cartilage displayed osteoarthritic changes. In addition, the diet resulted in changes to the bone under the cartilage. The team of researchers from […]

HipTrac Expands to Hip Arthroscopy Rehab, Prehab and More

Leveraging independent LAT to help more patients Clinicians are finding additional ways to leverage independent long axis traction with HipTrac to assist a wider range of patients facing or experiencing tightness and capsular restrictions, pre- and post-surgery, including: Hip Arthroscopy with microfracture, post-op rehabilitation Hip Arthroscopy without microfracture, post-op rehabilitation Pre-habilitation, before surgery for hip arthroscopy or THR Hip OA, FAI and labral tears Other conditions resulting in pain, tightness and/or capsular restrictions HipTrac’s original […]

Physical Therapists as Advocates and Educators

Like most physical therapists, I’m constantly playing the role of educator and advocate. This oftentimes occurs while working with patients diagnosed with early onset hip osteoarthritis. Individuals may not realize how much modern conservative care can help them during the months and years they may have to wait until they are candidates for THR surgery. Every day in this country thousands of individuals visit their physicians to find answers to their hip pain. Many of […]

Motocross racer meets HipTrac

Hip pain threatened to end racer’s Motocross career Simon Gerber is part of the Kempten Motocross team of RE-Racing from Kempten. Simon is a metal worker at Norm Aufzüge AG Frauenkappelen who started riding a Honda CR50 when he was four. Until he was 16, he rode his motorcycle on his uncle’s fields, and then purchased a racing license for the Freiburger Championship series. He’s very active – as part of his Motocross training for […]