Invest in your body and extend your career!

As a professional or elite athlete, you participate in the highest levels of training. Your success, your livelihood, your career hinges on your ability to produce top performances over and over and over again. You undertake intense training on a daily basis. Recovery and restoration from your training schedule is critical to your success.

For all athletes, the core (lumbopelvic and hip region) is the “engine” of your body. If it’s not working at an optimal mechanical level, your training and performance suffers. Plus, hip pain and restrictions from osteoarthritis, impingement (FAI) or labral tears can prematurely end your career.

HipTrac provides long axis traction that expedites recovery, relieves hip pain & improves mobility.  By distracting the hip joint, it increases fluid movement around the joints and muscles and relaxes the surrounding muscles.  This relieves pain, increases ROM and creates a nutrient and oxygen-rich environment for the joints and muscles to bathe in, improving their recovery. It is well established that muscles and joints need to stay lubricated, oxygenated and fed to perform at the highest levels. HipTrac provides portable, independent long axis traction that athletes can use at home, on the road, or in training centers.

Athletes Who Have Extended Their Careers with HipTrac

Mark Dunwell, UK International Masters Athlete

In 2013 I held 3 World sprint titles as an M40 – Masters Track & Field Athlete. Unfortunately after over 20 years of competing in Track & Field my passion came to an abrupt halt when I started to suffer with pain in my right hip. Following MRI and CT scans I was diagnosed with FAI and arthritis in right and left hip… HipTrac has quite literally helped me get back on the Track. (read the rest of Mark’s story here).



King Mo” Lawal, former StrikeForce Light Heavyweight Champion and MMA Fighter

“As a former collegiate national wrestling champion, 2x Olympic Alternate, and current professional MMA athlete, I have put my body through intense and aggressive training 7 days per week for many years. As a result, my hips have been pretty beat up and can really get tight, sore and limited. I have had surgical procedures and been told that I have some advanced arthritis in both hips. Competing at a world class level, I need them to be mobile, pain-free and ready for quick, powerful movements…(read the rest of King Mo’s story here.)


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HipTrac helps with recovery and restoration!

Stiffness, pain and loss of mobility restrict your ability to perform.

Long axis hip traction is a hands-on technique applied by your athletic trainer, physical therapist or physician to assist in recovery from intensive training, competitive activity or extended travel.

HipTrac replicates long axis hip traction.

Use it in your training room, take it with you on travel.

The traction decompresses your hip joint, stretches the capsule and relaxes the surrounding tissues. Fluid moves through the joint and bathes the bones with nutrient-rich liquid. The result is relief of pain, increased mobility and faster recovery from intense training and travel schedules.  Lightweight (just 15 pounds), with wheels for portability, it travels easily to competitions.

Elite athletes come in many shapes and sizes from super short and less than 100 lbs to super tall and greater than 300 lbs. The HipTrac is designed to work with all body types. Call us at (650) 479-4474 and we can order a HipTrac that’s the right size for you.

You can add HipTrac to your home or training room for just $895 – discounts are available for multiple units. HipTrac is effective in helping faster recovery and it is also used for other conditions that are relieved by hip traction.  Some people can’t use HipTrac, find out more about contraindications here.

Invest in your body, optimize your training and extend your career!

Ready to add HipTrac to your training room or home?

For more information, check out this video, the Quick Start & Orientation guide, HipTrac Owner’s Manual and the detailed diagram below.

► PDF, how to setup the HipTrac, put on the bindings and connect them.
► PDF, guidelines on angle, pressure and duration of use for an initial test and introductory use.
► PDF, an overview of HipTrac for colleagues not familiar with it.

If you already have a HipTrac, click here to go to the Getting Started with HipTrac page for videos, basic and advanced protocols.