Buy a HipTrac™ Independent Traction Medical Device

Buy HipTrac now for $895.00

Each HipTrac comes complete with the hand pump and gauge, adjustable ankle binding and a foam pad for cushioning.  It collapses into a 15 pound rolling unit that is easy to store or take with you on travel. When you buy HipTrac, it comes with a full year warranty – which you can increase to 15 months by completing and returning the registration card that comes with your HipTrac.  And every HipTrac has a 30 day money-back guarantee – if it doesn’t help you, send it back to us!

We offer either FedEx Ground or 2 Day Air for shipping within the United States.

To sign up for rental or our three month payment plan – $300/month for three months, credit card required – contact us at (650)479-4474.

Need more information? For the latest studies, testimonials and other information, read the science behind HipTracusers’ testimonials and More FAQ.