Alternatives to Opioids White Paper

Modern Conservative Management of Hip Osteoarthritis:

Alternatives to Opioids


Hip Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic condition in the United States today, affecting more than 1 in 5  people sometime during their lives. Hip replacement surgery will ultimately be necessary for most patients, however, studies show that many of those patients will wait 3 to 6 years after diagnosis before having surgery. The old model of conservative care focused on narcotics/NSAID, weight loss, exercise and use of a cane. This model has contributed to the current overuse of opioids in the US.  Methods of conservative care focusing on manual therapy and therapeutic exercise in clinic and at home have demonstrated excellent patient outcomes at substantially lower costs to the healthcare system. New research suggests reasons for that success. This modern model represents best practices for healthcare providers around the world, and provides positive alternatives to opioids.

Modern Conservative Management White Paper V1.1.