Portable hip traction provides a bridge to surgery

Portable hip traction helps when traveling

Aaron was diagnosed with labral tear with femoral impingement. When he visited his physical therapist, the hip traction he received gave him significant relief. Nothing else he’d tried helped and that put him to thinking about alternatives. “I first sought to build my own traction device but had visions of doing more damage then good. So I sought it out on Google and found a Canadian supplier. Then went through the process of having it paid for by my insurance…which it was 100%.”

Aaron was happy to find that HipTrac’s traction relieved his pain and bridged him to surgery. “Finally, I got some relief. And it’s portable!” That was a big deal as Aaron traveled frequently, and HipTrac’s portability made it easy for him to relieve his pain daily, wherever he was. In a Facebook post, he compared HipTrac to a medieval torture device in appearance but commenting that it helped with the pain when nothing else did.

Aaron used the HipTrac to alleviate the pain for 8 months before he had surgery. “HipTrac was the only thing giving relief. The beauty of Hip Trac is you can do it whenever you need. It let me sleep. Which was HUGE for me at that point.”

Aaron recommends HipTrac, and suggests talking with your physical therapist or healthcare provider about using it. He commented, “Mine was a big help in how to use it and to how to integrate it into a treatment plan.”