HipTrac™ Webinar Completion Page

Thank you for attending our webinar!


If you have any questions, email us at info@hiptrac.com, call us 650.479.4474 or go to live chat at HipTrac.com.


Recapping how HipTrac can help your practice:


► Maximize professional time while minimizing physical effort – while one patient is on HipTrac, treat another or catch up on charts.

► Place your patient on HipTrac and moist heat to relax and prepare their hip for soft tissue and joint mobilizations.

► Billing with CPT Code 97012, breakeven on investment in a few months, then generate profit.

► Create new referrals for your practice.


HipTrac’s long axis hip traction provides relief to patients with hip osteoarthritis, FAI, labral tears and several other conditions.

See an example protocol here.

Find information about contraindications here.

HipTrac expands your practice’s ability to provide hip traction AND maximizes your professional time. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of our $125 for a 30-day, no obligation trial, we encourage you to do so. You can see the details here.

For more information, see the videos, datasheet, example protocol, HipTrac manual and detailed diagram below.