Try HipTrac for a Month – Get Hands On Experience

See how HipTrac can help patients at home & in clinic

Rent HipTrac pneumatic hip traction device

HipTrac’s long axis traction relieves pain and improves mobility by stretching and mobilizing the hip joint capsule, relaxing muscles around the hips and lumbopelvic region. And it doesn’t require another person – patients can use it at home or in clinic independently.

  • HipTrac delivers consistent traction force every time.
  • Hand pump is easy to use and doesn’t require hand or wrist strength.
  • Level of traction force clearly visible on hand pump.
  • Just $125 for one month, we pay the freight!

Each HipTrac comes complete with the hand pump and gauge, adjustable ankle binding and a foam pad for cushioning. It collapses into a 15 pound rolling unit that is easy to store or take with you on travel.  At the end of the one month, if you decide to keep it, you can apply the full $125 toward purchase price of $895. Or you can return the HipTrac to us with no further obligation.  When you buy HipTrac, it comes with a full year warranty – which you can increase to 15 months by completing and returning the registration card that comes with your HipTrac.