HipTrac Helps Cyclist Return to Competition

Competitive cycling is rigorous and puts heavy demands on your body.  Rick Clarkson of Stockport UK thought that his diagnosis at age 37 of early osteoarthritis meant he wouldn’t be returning to competition.  But after trying HipTrac,  that changed.  Rick says “The HipTrac has made a huge improvement to the quality of my life, both physically and mentally. It has allowed me to return to competitive cycling which I thought wouldn’t be possible. HipTrac has […]

UK cycling testimonial

Golfer with Hip OA

Golfer with Hip OA Uses HipTrac to Stay in the Game

Hip Osteoarthritis Limits Activities Total hip replacement surgeries have increased significantly over the last five years. However, some people prefer to defer surgery for a variety of reasons, and others are not immediate candidates. When Mark was diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis at age 50, he was still a very active fifty-year-old – both an avid fisherman and a frequent golfer. As a former basketball player, he was unhappy with the […]

Side-lying Option for Advanced Traction with HipTrac

Another Home Hip Therapy Option In this excerpt from his workshop at OPTA 2016, Dr. Tony Rocklin, a leading advocate for conservative treatment for patients with hip osteoarthritis, discusses the use of HipTrac in the side-lying position. After patients have used HipTrac and advanced to pressures of 70 PSI or more, and have decreased the flexion of the HipTrac from 30 degrees to 0 degrees, they can try the side-lying […]

advanced traction

HipTrac Orientation Test Update Now Available

Updated HipTrac Orientation Test clarifies initial protocols Today we’re releasing an updated HipTrac Orientation Test for patients and providers. Earlier this year, we began recommending an Orientation Test for patients beginning to use HipTrac; you can read about that here. The Orientation Test was added because it enables providers to quickly identify patients who are sensitive to traction and adjust the initial HipTrac duty cycles as needed to accommodate them. Most of us […]

Hiptrac Orientation Test

physical therapist patient combination

Physical therapist-turned-patient meets HipTrac to check results

“As a PT, I like to try new medical devices before recommending them to my patients. When I injured my hip, I thought what better time to give the HipTrac a try? I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of using the device and the positive results after just a few sessions! My aggravating hip pain disappeared without the need for further medical intervention! I will gladly recommend the HipTrac […]

HipTrac Fast Track to Results

Getting Started the Right Way As a health care provider for 18 years, I have found that it is very important for patients to feel the effects of a treatment, even the first time it is performed. We know that one treatment doesn’t fix a chronic problem, but the individual needs to have a belief in the treatment for it to be most effective. Likewise, for a patient who has […]

HipTrac Fast Track

Getting Started on HipTrac, Initial Use for Patients

Recommendations for Getting Started on HipTrac (Editor’s note:  This set of recommendations for the initial use of HipTrac includes essentially the same information as our Provider’s Protocol, but has been re-written to be read by a patient, rather than a healthcare provider.  We recommend that patients with HipTrac work with their healthcare providers to develop and discover the amount of time and amount of traction that feels best for the […]

Getting Started on HipTrac