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Can HipTrac Hurt You – and Why it Can’t

I’ve been asked the question, “can patients hurt themselves using HipTrac?” It is virtually impossible to hurt yourself using HipTrac correctly. HipTrac replicates the most common manual therapy technique used to treat intra-articular hip problems; Long Axis Traction. It safely decreases pressure within the hip joint, reduces pain and improves capsular mobility. It is used to treat hip osteoarthritis, femoral-acetabular impingement, labral pathology as well as other joint problems. In […]

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Thoughts on Osteoarthritis in Younger People

Key points from the journal article “Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Affects Younger People, Too” – JOSPT February 2017 1.OA is no longer considered a degenerative disease of “wear and tear” affecting joint cartilage and bone. It is now understood to represent total joint failure, with a prominent inflammatory component. Most recently, the contribution of meta-inflammation has also been identified, whereby body fat releases inflammatory mediators (cytokines and adipokines) that contribute […]

1st HipTrac Research Study Published in APTA O.P.T.P.

January 2017 Issue Includes HipTrac Research Study The first HipTrac research study, “Manual Therapy, Therapeutic Exercise and HipTrac for Patients with Hip Osteoarthritis: A Case Series” was published in the January 2017 issue of APTA Orthopedic Physical Therapy Practice. It is the first study to evaluate a multi-modal treatment approach to hip osteoarthritis using extended periods of hip traction at home and in clinic. Manual long-axis hip traction (LAT) has been used for centuries […]

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Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation &
Prehabilitation for Hip Surgery

Making the Case for More than Rehab – Why Prehabilitation for Hip Surgery Works One of the most surprising statistics related to osteoarthritis and physical therapy is that 90 percent of people having knee surgery for osteoarthritis receive physical therapy before and after, while only 10-30% of those having hip surgery do. That’s in spite of wide agreement that patients in better physical shape before surgery generally recover faster and […]

What to Expect When Starting Therapy for Hip OA

Start Hip OA Conservative Treatment with Physical Therapy For conservative treatment of hip osteoarthritis to be effective, it must include some level of physical therapy and therapeutic exercise. While over-the-counter(OTC) and prescription painkillers may relieve the pain, they do nothing to counteract the increasing tightness of the muscles around the hip and decreasing range of motion(ROM) caused by hip OA. This is why physical therapy is so important in conservative […]

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Physical Therapy Key for Hip Osteoarthritis Patients

Conservative Treatment for Hip OA With millions of Americans facing hip osteoarthritis (OA) at some point in our lives – 25% of us – it is increasingly important for our healthcare system to focus on treatments that are both cost-effective and provide the best possible patient outcomes. Historically, conservative treatment for hip OA in the US focuses more on painkillers, NSAIDS, and waiting for it to get bad enough to […]

Dr. Tony Rocklin on Physical Therapy to Treat Hip Osteoarthritis

You can treat the symptoms, if not the disease. No, you can’t cure hip osteoarthritis. But yes, physical therapy can treat the secondary effects, including pain, tightness of the muscles around the hip joint and increasing loss of mobility. Physical therapy as conservative therapy has a low profile, and many providers – including surgeons and primary care physicians – don’t realize that it can significantly reduce patients’ need for drugs […]

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HipTrac Mobile Hip Traction Device, Hip Pain and Osteoarthritis

There is no cure for hip osteoarthritis, period. But the untold news is that the pain and other side effects can be treated while you’re waiting for surgery. When a person with hip osteoarthritis walks into an orthopedic surgeon’s office, one of the most common outcomes is that the surgeon confirms their diagnosis but tells them they will have to wait for hip replacement surgery until their condition is “bad […]