HipTracTM Hands Free Long Axis Hip Traction!

HipTrac™ – the independent long axis traction device that delivers consistent levels of traction force for as long as needed.

Woman using HipTrac to relieve the pain and other symptoms of hip osteoarthritis

► Stretches and mobilizes the hip joint capsule, decreases intra-articular pressure in the joint.
► Billowing effect bathes the femoral head and the acetabulum with nutrient-rich fluids.
► Relaxes muscles around the hip & lumbopelvic region, improves exercise tolerance.
► Maximizes professional time while minimizing physical effort (bill using Mechanical Traction code).
► Use HipTrac and moist heat to relax & prepare your patients for soft tissue, joint mobilizations.


Special November CPTA offer – just $125 to try HipTrac in your clinic for one month, and $100 off when you purchase your HipTrac!

The full $125 rental can be applied to the special physical therapist purchase price of $795 ($100 off $895) when you purchase HipTrac after your test drive.

HipTrac is also available for patient rental and purchase. 


Vanessa Milrad, DPT, Physiotherapy Associates Las Vegas, NV

As a PT, I like to try new medical devices before recommending them to my patients. When I injured my hip, I thought what better time to give the HipTrac a try? I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of using the device and the positive results after just a few sessions! My aggravating hip pain disappeared without the need for further medical intervention! I will gladly recommend the HipTrac to my patients as a way to avoid surgery or invasive hip treatments.”

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HipTrac was cleared by the FDA in 2012 for clinical and home use. It can be placed on the floor, plinth or on the patient’s bed. Physical therapists can bill CPT Code 97012 (Mechanical Traction) for use of HipTrac with patients. Reimbursement varies, ranging from $8 – $20 per treatment.

Treat one patient a day on HipTrac and it pays for itself in as little as three months.


Through the end of November – just $125 to try HipTrac in your clinic for one month, and $100 off when you purchase your HipTrac!

Visit our YouTube page to see HipTrac in action.  You can even watch a recorded HipTrac webinar covering how to use, protocols for different pathologies, live demonstration and Q & A with HipTrac’s inventor, Dr. Tony Rocklin.

More questions? You’ll find additional information, including videos, datasheet, example protocol, HipTrac manual and detailed diagram below. You can also email (info@hiptrac.com) or call us at (650)479-4474.