HipTrac Webinars

We offer free small-group webinars that provide an overview of how HipTrac works, so that you can see HipTrac in use and speak with Dr. Tony Rocklin, the physical therapist who invented HipTrac as he discusses both clinical and athletic training room applications. He covers the clinical perspective, using HipTrac with moist heat to prepare patients for soft tissue and joint mobilizations, as well as details for treating different pathologies. Dr. Rocklin also discusses HipTrac’s use in athletic training rooms, where the long axis traction provides that neurophysiological relaxation around the hip and lower back that helps with faster recovery after intense training and competition. Considerations for setting protocols and duty cycles are reviewed, along with research to date and ongoing studies.

The webinar includes a demonstration of HipTrac’s patient setup and independent use in both supine and side-lying positions. These 50 minute webinars are interactive with questions encouraged throughout.  If you would like a brochure on the webinars to pass on to colleagues, you can download one here: Webinar Informational Flyer.  If your clinic is interested in an inservice presentation on HipTrac, please contact us at info@hiptrac.com or call 650.479.4474.