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This page includes the videos and the instructional sheets – QuickStart Guide, Orientation Test and Provider’s Protocol Reference – that were discussed in the webinar, along with some additional resources.  If you have any questions that weren’t answered, please leave it in the comment section at the bottom of the page and we’ll get the answer to you.  And if you’d like to take advantage of the HipTrac one month trial special, you’ll find a link for that below too.


The videos above show (from left to right) putting on and positioning the ankle and knee bindings; how to use HipTrac in supine; and how to use HipTrac in side-lying.

Quickstart V1.0
Read, print or download the Quick Start Page:

HipTrac Quick Start V1.0
The Quick Start Page shows how to put on the ankle and knee bindings, set up the HipTrac and connect to it.

Hiptrac Orientation Test
Read, print or download the Orientation Page:

HipTrac Orientation V1.0
The Orientation Page includes the initial orientation test to test for sensitivity to traction and the recommended introductory protocol, based on those results.

HipTrac Protocols for Initial and Specific Pathology Use
Read, print or download the Provider Protocol Reference:
Provider’s Protocol Guide
The Provider’s Protocol reference includes recommendations for specific goals (pain relief, increase ROM) as well as that recommended for specific pathologies, and for individuals with no pathologies (such as athletes who train intensively).

Getting Started with HipTrac Side-Lying Protocol
Read, print or download the Side-Lying Protocol:
Patient_Protocol_Side-Lying HipTrac V1.1
The Side-Lying Protocol sheet focuses on the recommended protocols for individuals who cannot do supine traction due a physical limitation or those individuals who have done supine traction, advanced to zero degrees flexion and want or require more intensive traction.

Other Resources: 

Detailed Diagram of HipTrac

The Science Behind HipTrac

Testimonials from Providers & Patients

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