HipTrac™ = Independent Long Axis Traction for Clinic or Home

HipTrac™ – Proven medical device to deliver long axis hip traction as performed manually in the clinic.

New case series, OPTP January 2017

Woman using HipTrac to relieve the pain and other symptoms of hip osteoarthritis
► Stretches and mobilizes the hip joint capsule, decreases intra-articular pressure in the joint.
► Increases the bathing of nutrient-rich fluids around the femoral head and acetabulum.
► Relaxes muscles around the hip & lumbopelvic region, improves exercise tolerance.
► Place your patient on HipTrac and moist heat to relax & prepare their hip for soft tissue, joint mobilizations.

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Take HipTrac for a test drive in your clinic. One month trial now $125, shipping included.
HipTrac was cleared by the FDA in 2012 for clinical and home use. It can be placed on the floor, plinth or on the patient’s bed. Physical therapists can bill CPT Code 97012 (Mechanical Traction) for use of HipTrac with patients. Reimbursement varies, ranging from $8 – $20 per treatment.
Trial charge will be applied in full against the price of $895 if you decide to keep your HipTrac. HipTracs are also available for patient rental and purchase.
More questions? You’ll find additional information, including videos, datasheet, example protocol, HipTrac manual and detailed diagram below. You can also email (info@hiptrac.com) or call us at (650) 479-4474.


HipTrac datasheet

HipTrac™ Data Sheet

HipTrac™ Example Protocol


Science Behind HipTrac

Detailed Diagram