HipTrac User ‘King Mo’ Muhammed Lawal
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One of the high-profile athletes who uses HipTrac regularly for recovery and pain relief is ‘King Mo’ Muhammed Lawal, former StrikeForce light heavyweight champion and MMA Fighter. Last Friday, March 31st, he got the rematch with Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson that both fighters had been hoping for. This time, Lawal got the best of Jackson, defeating him in a unanimous decision 29-28 by all three judges. In the earlier match, Lawal […]

King Mo MMA fighter and HipTrac user

Repetitive motions predispose for golf injuries

Poor Swing Mechanics, Repetitive Movements Lead to Golf Injuries

Many golf injuries occur due to repetitive movements Golf is one of the oldest and most traditional sports in the world. Its origin can be dated back to 15th-century Scotland, although some historians believe a form of it started as early as 1st century BC with the Romans. Most people consider golf a mild sporting activity unlike football, basketball and soccer in which there is constant physical contact with other […]

Poor Hip Joint Mechanics Increase Risk of Injury in Baseball Players

In researching injuries sustained during baseball, the focus of most studies has been primarily on the shoulder and elbow, and for good reason. Baseball players are known to sustain many injuries from head to toe but due to the specific components of their sport, including overhead motions, the majority of injuries occur in the upper extremities. According to the 2007 study by Hootman et al in the Journal of Athletic […]

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Golfer with Hip OA

Golfer with Hip OA Uses HipTrac to Stay in the Game

Hip Osteoarthritis Limits Activities Total hip replacement surgeries have increased significantly over the last five years. However, some people prefer to defer surgery for a variety of reasons, and others are not immediate candidates. When Mark was diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis at age 50, he was still a very active fifty-year-old – both an avid fisherman and a frequent golfer. As a former basketball player, he was unhappy with the […]

What Keeps “King Mo” Lawal Going?

Professional MMA athlete deals with hip pain “King Mo” Lawal is the former StrikeForce Light Heavyweight Champion and Bellator competitor, and a HipTrac user. “As a former collegiate national wrestling champion, 2x Olympic Alternate, and current professional MMA athlete, I have put my body through intense and aggressive training 7 days per week for many years. As a result, my hips have been pretty beat up and can get really […]

King Mo and hip traction therapy

extreme workout hip injuries

Extreme workout hip injuries on the rise

In recent years, extreme workouts – such as Crossfit, that combines gymnastics, power lifting and plyometrics – have spread from athletes, firefighters and soldiers to a much wider range of participants. As a recent article discussed, extreme workouts can have consequences. “It’s important that people live healthy and exercise. But as the saying goes, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing, and some orthopedic surgeons say they’re […]

An Athlete’s Perspective – Podcast

Mark Dunwell is a Master’s athlete and past World Champion sprinter over 60m, 100m and 200m with titles and medals on the World and European stage. He is also a qualified UKA athletics coach specializing in speed development and a qualified remedial massage therapist. In 2013 Mark was diagnosed with bilateral hip degeneration associated with femoro-acetabular impingement and discovered HipTrac for pain relief.  Following hip preservation surgery and extensive rehabilitation, Mark […]

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King Mo Lawal uses HipTrac

Faster recovery after workouts with HipTrac

In addition to relieving the pain and other symptoms of hip osteoarthritis, HipTrac also helps athletes achieve faster recovery after workouts.  Athletes who experience joint stiffness, pain and muscle tightness after workouts or competition use HipTrac to stretch their hip joint and relax the muscles and tissue surrounding it.  Football, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, runners, surfers, skiers – even dancers can potentially benefit and gain faster recovery from workouts and competition by using HipTrac. […]