1st HipTrac Research Study Published in APTA O.P.T.P.

January 2017 Issue Includes HipTrac Research Study The first HipTrac research study, “Manual Therapy, Therapeutic Exercise and HipTrac for Patients with Hip Osteoarthritis: A Case Series” was published in the January 2017 issue of APTA Orthopedic Physical Therapy Practice. It is the first study to evaluate a multi-modal treatment approach to hip osteoarthritis using extended periods of hip traction at home and in clinic. Manual long-axis hip traction (LAT) has been used for centuries […]

HipTrac research study title page

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Predicting Hip Osteoarthritis Patient Response to Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Helps Many Physical therapists who work with patients diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis know that manual therapy and therapeutic exercises can provide significant pain relief and improvements in ROM for many of them. However, there hasn’t been sufficient research into the factors that can predict what the individual hip osteoarthritis patient response will be to physical therapy, and who is likely to benefit from physical therapy, as well as who […]

Preserving Cartilage – How Does Movement Help?

The Part Synovial Fluid Plays in Preserving Cartilage Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage – the strong and flexible tissue that covers and cushions the ends of the bones within the joints -in the affected joint breaks down and wears away. It’s degenerative and the most common chronic condition of the joints, affecting more than one in five Americans at sometime during their lives. We know experientially that physical therapy and […]

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