HipTrac Expands to Hip Arthroscopy Rehab, Prehab and More

Clinicians find multiple uses for HipTrac’s independent LAT Clinicians are finding additional ways to leverage independent long axis traction with HipTrac to assist a wider range of patients facing or experiencing tightness and capsular restrictions, including: Hip Arthroscopy with microfracture, post-op rehabilitation Hip Arthroscopy without microfracture, post-op rehabilitation Pre-habilitation, before surgery for hip arthroscopy or THR Hip OA, FAI and labral tears Other conditions resulting in pain, tightness and/or capsular […]

HipTrac Now Available on SAM

MedRock, Inc. is now registered in SAM as a US Federal Contractor for purchases of HipTrac for the Veterans Administration, other government agencies and the military. DUNS: 034446946 CAGE: 71XG7

Can HipTrac Hurt You – and Why it Can’t

I’ve been asked the question, “can patients hurt themselves using HipTrac?” It is virtually impossible to hurt yourself using HipTrac correctly. HipTrac replicates the most common manual therapy technique used to treat intra-articular hip problems; Long Axis Traction. It safely decreases pressure within the hip joint, reduces pain and improves capsular mobility. It is used to treat hip osteoarthritis, femoral-acetabular impingement, labral pathology as well as other joint problems. In […]

can hiptrac hurt you

hip traction device to Asia

New Singapore HipTrac distributor joins Canada, UK and Germany

HipTrac Around the World Welcome HipTrac Asia!  Our latest distributor joins our other distributors in Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany.  Enhance Physiotherapy and Aglow Aesthetics Pte. Ltd. of Singapore are partners in bringing the HipTrac independent hip traction device to Asia to provide natural pain relief for patients with hip osteoarthritis, FAI, labral tears and other compression issues. Osteoarthritis in Asia A review article in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases estimates that osteoarthritis is […]

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Free Provider Advertising & Referrals

We frequently receive requests for referrals to healthcare providers – physical therapists, chiropractors and physicians – who are familiar with HipTrac. And at the same time, we want to provide exposure for the HipTrac-savvy healthcare providers who are supporting a physical therapy first approach that includes HipTrac.  So today we are launching our “HipTrac Savvy Healthcare Providers” page with a list of those providers.  If you’re among them, we’ll link to your site […]

HipTrac Webinars for November

We’ve recently started a series of webinars on HipTrac™. The November series, “Introducing HipTrac™”, is for physical therapists, chiropractors and other medical professionals interested in learning more about HipTrac. It’s hosted by Dr. Tony Rocklin, a physical therapist himself for more than eighteen years who specializes in hips – and the inventor of HipTrac, and the HipTrac team. Webinar topics include: ► how does it provide long axis hip traction […]

HipTrac Webinar

Tony Rocklin presents

What is HipTrac?

HipTrac™ is relatively new on the scene, having been cleared for sale by the FDA in 2012. It’s the first medical device that replicates manual long-axis hip traction and relieves the pain and other symptoms of hip osteoarthritis. It is revolutionizing the way we treat the symptoms of hip osteoarthritis during the often lengthy period from OA diagnosis to hip replacement surgery. By enabling patients to independently apply long axis […]

HipTrac helps doctor relieve hip pain naturally

My name is Bryan Walls and I am a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. I have a Family Practice in Portland, Oregon and see a variety of illnesses, injuries and conditions. I see quite a few patients that have hip osteoarthritis. Oftentimes patients come in with complaints of back pain or a feeling like they have a pulled groin. After providing a thorough evaluation, many times it turns out that they […]

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