Hip Osteoarthritis

New England Sports Therapy Practice Hits a Home Run with HipTrac

Ara Sakayan, PT, ATC, CSCS (former Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist for New England Revolution Pro Soccer Team.) “I am using HipTrac in my practice for various problems of the hip joint in my sports therapy practice. I have been using this device for patients with a diagnosis of moderate to severe osteoarthritis. The patients have very tight hip joint capsules with restricted internal rotation. The HipTrac was extremely effective […]

Sports therapy practice uses HipTrac for hip traction

If you unload arthritic hip joints it reduces pain and improve mobility

APTA Hip Osteoarthritis Clinical Practice Guidelines
2017 Revisions

New Recommendations Include Educating Patients on How to Unload Arthritic Joints A notable addition to APTA’s 2017 revisions to clinical practice guidelines for the hip pain and mobility deficits of hip osteoarthritis Recommendation B, on patient education. “Clinicians should provide patient education combined with exercise and/or manual therapy. Education should include teaching activity modification, exercise, supporting weight reduction when overweight, and methods of unloading the arthritic joints.” This is significant, […]

Recreational Runners Less Likely to Have
Hip Osteoarthritis

Recreational runners can feel good about the conclusions of a recent study on the incidence of knee and hip osteoarthritis in recreational runners as compared to sedentary individuals and to competitive runners. An international team of researchers in Spain, Sweden, the United States and Canada concluded that the recreational runners are less likely to experience knee and hip OA than are the other two groups. The study concludes that running […]

saturated fats associated osteoarthritis

Diet Rich in Saturated Fats
Associated with Osteoarthritis

A recent study from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) identified a high-fat diet, and specifically, saturated fats as a prime suspect in the onset of osteoarthritis. QUT scientists found that a diet containing 20% saturated fats changed the composition of cartilage in the weight-bearing joints of the hip and knee. The modified cartilage displayed osteoarthritic changes. In addition, the diet resulted in changes to the bone under the cartilage. […]

Thoughts on Osteoarthritis in Younger People

Key points from the journal article “Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Affects Younger People, Too” – JOSPT February 2017 1.OA is no longer considered a degenerative disease of “wear and tear” affecting joint cartilage and bone. It is now understood to represent total joint failure, with a prominent inflammatory component. Most recently, the contribution of meta-inflammation has also been identified, whereby body fat releases inflammatory mediators (cytokines and adipokines) that contribute […]

osteoarthritis in younger people

standard treatment for hip OA

Moving Towards Physical Therapy and Prehabilitation as Standard Treatment for Hip OA

Changes in our healthcare system come slowly Nothing changes quickly in our healthcare system; change is a marathon, not a sprint. Now that we’ve finally recognized the opioid epidemic, individual states are taking steps to stem their overuse. Patients with chronic pain – and their doctors – are looking for other ways to deal with their pain, and one of those ways is physical therapy. In fact, one of the […]

More Reasons to Avoid Opioids

Addressing the Epidemic Starting early this year, the Surgeon General and other influencers in the medical community began a campaign to address the overuse of opioids, which has skyrocketed in the last few years to epidemic proportions. Recently, a new study has brought to light a possible explanation for that epidemic, and another has documented extended use that may well be ascribed to the addictive nature of those drugs. Both […]

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risks from hip OA

Extra Pounds Pose Risks for Hip OA Patients

Obesity Epidemic in the US Current headlines highlight our concern with the overuse of opioids, but for multiple years we’ve also been in the midst of an obesity epidemic.  A current post in Practical Pain Management begins with “America is currently battling an obesity epidemic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly one-third of U.S. children and about two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese and […]

Portable hip traction provides a bridge to surgery

Portable hip traction helps when traveling Aaron was diagnosed with labral tear with femoral impingement. When he visited his physical therapist, the hip traction he received gave him significant relief. Nothing else he’d tried helped and that put him to thinking about alternatives. “I first sought to build my own traction device but had visions of doing more damage then good. So I sought it out on Google and found […]

portable hip traction

home long axis traction

How Many Newtons to Distract the Hip?

Home Long Axis Traction Options In this excerpt from his workshop at OPTA 2016, Dr. Tony Rocklin, a leading advocate for the expanded use of physical therapy in conservative treatment for patients with hip osteoarthritis, discusses a couple of the different ways patients can use traction at home to relieve the tightness and hip pain which accompany hip osteoarthritis. One of the key considerations is the amount of traction force supplied […]