The Six Best Yoga Poses for Hip OA

Yoga helps improve flexibility In this excerpt from his workshop at OPTA 2016, Dr. Tony Rocklin reviews how yoga can be incorporated as part of a home exercise routine, and discusses the six best yoga poses for hip OA patients.   While patients with hip osteoarthritis may complain that doing yoga hurts them, it’s really the increasing limitations brought on by the osteoarthritis that causes the pain they are feeling.  As a result, […]

yoga poses for hip OA

therapeutic exercises for hip

Therapeutic Exercises for Hip Osteoarthritis

Physical therapy to treat symptoms In this excerpt from his workshop at OPTA 2016, Dr. Tony Rocklin reviews therapeutic exercises for hip osteoarthritis that patients can perform at home to improve their mobility. Tony is a leading advocate for conservative treatment for patients with hip osteoarthritis that isn’t “drug-centric”. While the disease is degenerative and can’t be cured, the symptoms associated with it can be treated. These exercises are an important component of best […]

Advanced Clam Shell: Exercise of the Week

More Work on the Gluteals This exercise works exactly like the beginning clam shell except there is an advancement when you get to the top of the lift (See Clam Shell if you need a reminder). When you get to the top of the lift of your knee, maintain that same knee position as you slowly begin to separate your feet until your tibia (shin bone) is level or parallel […]

Advanced Clamshell exercise gluteals

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Clamshell – Exercise of the Week

Exercise gluteals and deep rotators This exercise focuses on your gluteals (buttocks) and deep rotators of your hip. Lie on your side with your knees and hips bent as shown in the picture. The bottom of your feet should be lined up with your spine. The most important aspects of this exercise are to make sure that you raise your knee straight up towards the ceiling and keep pressing your […]

Single Leg Bridge – Exercise of the Week

Hip Extensor Exercise This week’s exercise is called the Single Leg Bridge. This movement requires the work and coordination of many muscles in the human body, with the main target being the Hip Extensors. This group involves the gluteals (buttocks), hamstrings (back of thigh) and the lower back muscles. This movement is really important as it not only strengthens these muscles but also improves their coordination. As you bring one […]

Hip extensor exercise

hip oa exercises - single leg squat

Single Leg Squat – Exercise of the Week

Difficulty Level IV – Single Leg Squat The gluteals or buttocks muscles are a group of 3 muscles that are arguably the most important group of muscles in the entire human body as it relates to human movement and function. They are vital for proper mechanics of the entire lower extremity including the hip, knee and foot/ankle complex. If these muscles are weak or not firing correctly, it can lead […]