Thoughts on Osteoarthritis in Younger People

Key points from the journal article “Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Affects Younger People, Too” – JOSPT February 2017 1.OA is no longer considered a degenerative disease of “wear and tear” affecting joint cartilage and bone. It is now understood to represent total joint failure, with a prominent inflammatory component. Most recently, the contribution of meta-inflammation has also been identified, whereby body fat releases inflammatory mediators (cytokines and adipokines) that contribute […]

osteoarthritis in younger people

hip and back pain connection

Hip and Back Pain Connection
Important to Check For

Hip and back pain can be closely related Mark Dunwell, the founder of HipTrac UK, an ex World Champion sprinter and a remedial massage therapist, spoke at the Back Health event held by BackMentorMe earlier this year on how hip and back pain can be closely related. “…the hip is really tied to what is going on in the low back and vice versa. When one part of your lower […]

Hip Pathologies for Patients – Understanding Labral Tear

What’s a labral tear? Labral tears are a hip pathology that can be caused by trauma, structural abnormalities or repetitive motions (particularly those in sports). The labrum is a rim of cartilage around the hip socket that helps keep the head of the femur (thigh bone) inside the acetabulum (hip socket). A labral tear is a tear in the labrum; patients feel pain deep in the groin on the side […]

labral tear

Tony Rocklin speaking

UPDATE: Dr. Tony Rocklin Presents at OPTA March 12

Best Practices in Conservative Management of Hip Pathologies Are you interested in recent updates in the conservative management of hip pathologies? Dr. Tony Rocklin presents current best practices in conservative management at the 2016 Annual Conference of the Oregon Physical Therapy Association (OPTA) on March 12 in Portland Oregon. His presentation, “Conservative Management of Hip Pathologies Including Hip Osteoarthritis, FAI and Labral Tears with Special Focus on Patient Education in Home Manual Therapy […]

Upcoming HipTrac Webinars

Would you like to learn more about HipTrac? Our next webinars – and our only November webinars – are next Tuesday, the 17th of November at 10AM and 12PM. “Introducing HipTrac for Healthcare Providers” covers HipTrac from a provider’s perspective, including history, use, demonstration with patient, clinical applications, protocol details and billing information. During the Q&A period, Dr. Tony Rocklin, the physical therapist who invented HipTrac, answers attendees’ questions. Feedback from previous webinar attendee […]

HipTrac webinar

HipTrac Webinar

HipTrac Webinars for November

We’ve recently started a series of webinars on HipTrac™. The November series, “Introducing HipTrac™”, is for physical therapists, chiropractors and other medical professionals interested in learning more about HipTrac. It’s hosted by Dr. Tony Rocklin, a physical therapist himself for more than eighteen years who specializes in hips – and the inventor of HipTrac, and the HipTrac team. Webinar topics include: ► how does it provide long axis hip traction […]