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Modern Conservative Care for
Intra-articular Hip Pathologies

Introduction to Modern Conservative Care Our healthcare system doesn’t promote modern conservative care of hip pathologies. This is especially true in the case of hip osteoarthritis (hip OA), where it is dismissed too often as “incurable” and prescriptions – often for narcotics – written to deal with the pain until surgery is warranted. Hip OA is one of the most common chronic pain conditions in the United States and the […]

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soft tissue releases for hip OA

Soft Tissue Releases, Strengthening & Biomechanics

Patients with hip pathology In this excerpt from his workshop at OPTA 2016, Dr. Tony Rocklin reviews soft tissue releases, strengthening and biomechanics as part of conservative treatment of intra-articular hip pathology.  He also discusses his approach to starting new patients on therapeutic exercises and giving them the “tools” to participate in improving their own condition – and explains how positive reinforcement of small improvements can keep them engaged. Tony also covers the importance […]

Podcast: Self-Management of Chronic Hip Pain

Self-management when surgery isn’t an option In the second part of this podcast, Tony Rocklin DPT discusses self-management of chronic hip pain with moderator Benoy Mathew. The discussion begins around the case of a 46 year old male with chronic hip pain. His MRI scan showed cam impingement with labral tears. His surgeon told him he’s too young for a hip replacement, and too old for an arthroscopy. That’s particularly […]

self-management of chronic hip pain

treating hip pathology

Podcast: Treating Hip Pathology

Focus on Treating Hip Pathology Tony Rocklin DPT is known as “the hip guy” in Portland and around the Pacific Northwest. He’s been a physical therapist for 18 years, and for the last ten years has focused on treating hip pathology. Tony went in that direction when he started noticing that there was a big void in how the hip joint was being treated. This was particularly true when compared […]

Side-lying Option for Advanced Traction with HipTrac

Another Home Hip Therapy Option In this excerpt from his workshop at OPTA 2016, Dr. Tony Rocklin, a leading advocate for conservative treatment for patients with hip osteoarthritis, discusses the use of HipTrac in the side-lying position. After patients have used HipTrac and advanced to pressures of 70 PSI or more, and have decreased the flexion of the HipTrac from 30 degrees to 0 degrees, they can try the side-lying […]

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treating symptoms of hip OA

Physical therapy, HipTrac and treating hip OA symptoms

Can treatment help? Physical therapy is often overlooked as an important option in the conservative treatment of hip osteoarthritis. In fact, an unwarranted emphasis is put on prescription drugs and NSAIDs by primary care providers and surgeons who diagnose hip osteoarthritis and declare it untreatable. The reality is, of course, that hip OA can’t be cured – but the symptoms CAN be treated. Physical therapy that includes manual therapy and […]

Dr. Tony Rocklin at COPA Practice Growth

 Dr. Tony Rocklin is a licensed physical therapist with almost 20 years of clinical experience, specializing in orthopedic and sports medicine with a specific focus in the treatment of hip pathologies. He is a leading voice for the adoption of best practices in the conservative treatment of hip osteoarthritis, speaking for options that lead away from the use of prescription drugs and NSAIDs and lead to better patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs. There are millions […]

Dr. Tony Rocklin is speaking at COPA

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UPDATE: Dr. Tony Rocklin Presents at OPTA March 12

Best Practices in Conservative Management of Hip Pathologies Are you interested in recent updates in the conservative management of hip pathologies? Dr. Tony Rocklin presents current best practices in conservative management at the 2016 Annual Conference of the Oregon Physical Therapy Association (OPTA) on March 12 in Portland Oregon. His presentation, “Conservative Management of Hip Pathologies Including Hip Osteoarthritis, FAI and Labral Tears with Special Focus on Patient Education in Home Manual Therapy […]

Stop the pill placebo in conservative treatment of hip osteoarthritis!

Conservative therapy for hip osteoarthritis used to include only medications, pharmaceuticals, exercise and weight management, and waiting for it to get painful enough to warrant surgical intervention.  Most international clinical guidelines recommended paracetamol (more commonly known as acetaminophen, or by the brand name Tylenol) as a first line treatment for osteoarthritis and low back pain.  But a 2015 study concluded that paracetamol “is no better at treating low back pain […]

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HipTrac Mobile Hip Traction Device, Hip Pain and Osteoarthritis

There is no cure for hip osteoarthritis, period. But the untold news is that the pain and other side effects can be treated while you’re waiting for surgery. When a person with hip osteoarthritis walks into an orthopedic surgeon’s office, one of the most common outcomes is that the surgeon confirms their diagnosis but tells them they will have to wait for hip replacement surgery until their condition is “bad […]