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Can HipTrac Hurt You – and Why it Can’t

I’ve been asked the question, “can patients hurt themselves using HipTrac?” It is virtually impossible to hurt yourself using HipTrac correctly. HipTrac replicates the most common manual therapy technique used to treat intra-articular hip problems; Long Axis Traction. It safely decreases pressure within the hip joint, reduces pain and improves capsular mobility. It is used to treat hip osteoarthritis, femoral-acetabular impingement, labral pathology as well as other joint problems. In […]

can hiptrac hurt you

osteoarthritis in younger people

Thoughts on Osteoarthritis in Younger People

Key points from the journal article “Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Affects Younger People, Too” – JOSPT February 2017 1.OA is no longer considered a degenerative disease of “wear and tear” affecting joint cartilage and bone. It is now understood to represent total joint failure, with a prominent inflammatory component. Most recently, the contribution of meta-inflammation has also been identified, whereby body fat releases inflammatory mediators (cytokines and adipokines) that contribute […]

Poor Hip Joint Mechanics Increase Risk of Injury in Baseball Players

In researching injuries sustained during baseball, the focus of most studies has been primarily on the shoulder and elbow, and for good reason. Baseball players are known to sustain many injuries from head to toe but due to the specific components of their sport, including overhead motions, the majority of injuries occur in the upper extremities. According to the 2007 study by Hootman et al in the Journal of Athletic […]

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conservative treatment for hip OA

Physical Therapy Key for Hip Osteoarthritis Patients

Conservative Treatment for Hip OA With millions of Americans facing hip osteoarthritis (OA) at some point in our lives – 25% of us – it is increasingly important for our healthcare system to focus on treatments that are both cost-effective and provide the best possible patient outcomes. Historically, conservative treatment for hip OA in the US focuses more on painkillers, NSAIDS, and waiting for it to get bad enough to […]

HipTrac Fast Track to Results

Getting Started the Right Way As a health care provider for 18 years, I have found that it is very important for patients to feel the effects of a treatment, even the first time it is performed. We know that one treatment doesn’t fix a chronic problem, but the individual needs to have a belief in the treatment for it to be most effective. Likewise, for a patient who has […]

HipTrac Fast Track

Hip extensor exercise

Single Leg Bridge – Exercise of the Week

Hip Extensor Exercise This week’s exercise is called the Single Leg Bridge. This movement requires the work and coordination of many muscles in the human body, with the main target being the Hip Extensors. This group involves the gluteals (buttocks), hamstrings (back of thigh) and the lower back muscles. This movement is really important as it not only strengthens these muscles but also improves their coordination. As you bring one […]

Single Leg Squat – Exercise of the Week

Difficulty Level IV – Single Leg Squat The gluteals or buttocks muscles are a group of 3 muscles that are arguably the most important group of muscles in the entire human body as it relates to human movement and function. They are vital for proper mechanics of the entire lower extremity including the hip, knee and foot/ankle complex. If these muscles are weak or not firing correctly, it can lead […]

hip oa exercises - single leg squat

superband for hip mobilization exercises for hip OA patients

Self Joint Mobilization of the Hip: Extension

Hip Mobilization, Part 1 In addition to using HipTrac to greatly reduce pain and improve mobility, individuals can also use Super Bands to mobilize their hip in specific directions. Super Bands are very thick, strong resistance bands that can withstand forces up to hundreds of pounds. The green, 65-pound resistance “monster bands” shown to the left can be obtained at www.roguefitness.com. This technique is used to improve extension of the hip, or […]

Hip Capsular & Soft-Tissue Mobility & Positioning, Part 3

Exercises for hip OA Even though there is no cure for hip osteoarthritis, the exercises in this series can help relieve the pain and tightness that are symptoms of hip osteoarthritis.  The therapeutic exercises and movements in this series – this is part three of three – are critical for individuals with hip osteoarthritis to be performing on a consistent basis. In a normal hip, these exercises should create muscular stretch around the […]

Crossover exercise for hip OA

HipTrac protocols for athletes who train intensively

HipTrac Protocols for Athletes – Part 3

HipTrac protocols for athletes with no pathology In the first two parts of this series on HipTrac protocols, we covered protocols for initial use of HipTrac and protocols for different pathologies, including hip OA, FAI and labral tears.  Today in part 3, we’ll cover the protocols for individuals without any hip pathology who can benefit from using HipTrac on a regular basis. These individuals are usually elite athletes who are seeking the […]