Elite Athletes Frequently Asked Questions

How does the HipTrac help me as an elite athlete?

By decompressing the hip joint, the surrounding tissues are relaxed and fluid moves through the joint bathing the bones with nutrient-rich fluid. This provides an optimal environment and faster recovery. Stiffness, pain and loss of mobility restrict your ability to perform.

I have not been diagnosed with any hip disorders, do I still need to use the HipTrac?

Long Axis Hip Traction is a technique that many sports trainers and doctors perform on their elite athletes before and after intensive training, even without the presence of hip disease. There is a natural neurophysiological relaxation that occurs to the muscles and tissues around the hip and lumbopelvic region with traction. Any time, a professional athlete must move from intense training and competition to sitting in a plane, bus or car, the muscles around the hip joint such as the psoas become very tight and hypertonic. The HipTrac helps to reduce and maintain this natural relaxed state so that the athlete can be ready to train intensively again without stiffness and hypertonicity.

When should I use the HipTrac?

Always discuss frequency, duration, intensity and patterns of use with your trainers, therapist, chiropractors and doctors when possible. Depending on your sport or activity, many athletes use the HipTrac prior to and after training and competition as a preparation and faster recovery tool.

I’ve had some previous surgeries on my hip or knee. Is it safe for me to use?

Always consult your medical team to discuss if HipTrac is appropriate for you if you have had specific surgeries to your lower extremities. There are many surgeries to the hip which call for long axis traction as part of the post-operative rehabilitation protocol. In addition, HipTrac performs the traction with your knee in the most extended (straightest) position. In this manner, the knee is protected and the forces travel through the knee to the hip. Many athletes, who have had a previous knee surgery such as a partial menisectomy in which they never restored their full knee extension, find that using the HipTrac assists in recovery of full extension and provides relief to the knee. The HipTrac was not designed for this, but happens to be a concurrent event. If there is any sensitivity or doubt, cease use immediately and consult your health care team.

Do I need to use the HipTrac forever?

As each person uses the HipTrac more often, they will notice the relief and benefits last longer and longer. Athletes will find that the relief they obtained from every day use now is obtained with only every other day use. Every athlete will discover a different pattern for use. A good way to think about it is like brushing your teeth. We don’t only brush when we have a cavity. The idea is to brush so that we don’t get a cavity.

Should I travel with my HipTrac?

The HipTrac was designed to be very light-weight and durable. Most athletes will travel with their HipTracs. They fold up and are easily stored in the plane or other vehicle as well as under a bed or in the closet. You can obtain hip traction anywhere in the world with HipTrac. It is ideal to maintain the benefits, especially if you are competing away from your home for extended periods of time. Ask your team trainers, therapist, chiropractors and doctors if they have a HipTrac with them. Many professional teams will have some at your request.


My trainers have never seen the HipTrac in use. Can you send us one?

Because HipTrac is relatively new, many team trainers and providers have not yet seen the HipTrac. We are happy to discuss HipTrac and its benefits with your team and provide a demo unit. Please contact us at (650) 479-4474.

Can the HipTrac tolerate a 350 lb lineman or a 6’10” basketball player?

Absolutely! It was designed to be light-weight, but also very strong and durable. For athletes over 6’9”, if you feel your legs are too long, then contact us as there are larger pads that start you a little further away from the HipTrac to accommodate.