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Arthritis, Poor Sleep and Chronic Pain

Sleep Problems Common among People with Osteoarthritis Arthritis, poor sleep and chronic pain often go together. Why does having arthritis make your more vulnerable to poor sleep?  A recent post on the Creaky Joints website responds to that question.  “While there are numerous painful conditions that can disrupt sleep, including headaches, back pain, fibromyalgia, nerve pain and arthritis, people with arthritis are particularly vulnerable to poor sleep. About one-third of […]

arthritis, poor sleep and chronic pain go together

joint pain from weather

Can Our Joints Predict the weather?

Joint Pain From Weather In a recent post from the CreakyJoints Facebook page, they write about how the weather can affect the way our joints feel, and that you may be feeling joint pain from weather if you have arthritis. “Though researchers are not sure exactly why arthritis pain might increase with weather changes, they suspect that certain conditions in the atmosphere, such as a drop in barometric pressure, can increase […]

When More Traction Force is Needed

Maximum Hip Traction For some individuals, the traction force provided by HipTrac in supine position isn’t enough, even with HipTrac set to zero degrees of flexion (unit closed). This is often true for athletes with no hip pathology, who are looking for the neurophysiological relaxation around the hip and lower back after intense training and competition or extended travel. For these people, HipTrac can be used with the patient in a side-lying […]

hip traction extreme

returning veterans arthritis strikes

Research needed for the Silent Enemy that’s affecting one third of our veterans

We applaud the Arthritis Foundation’s initiative in calling on Congress to dedicate $20 million to Department of Defense research that focuses on arthritis and ways to mitigate its effects. More than one in three of our veterans are affected by arthritis, as compared in one in five civilians. A Foundation post earlier this month observed that in the military “Osteoarthritis, in particular, is the most frequent reason active duty personnel […]

Physical therapist-turned-patient meets HipTrac to check results

“As a PT, I like to try new medical devices before recommending them to my patients. When I injured my hip, I thought what better time to give the HipTrac a try? I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of using the device and the positive results after just a few sessions! My aggravating hip pain disappeared without the need for further medical intervention! I will gladly recommend the HipTrac […]

physical therapist patient combination

Advanced Clamshell exercise gluteals

Advanced Clam Shell: Exercise of the Week

More Work on the Gluteals This exercise works exactly like the beginning clam shell except there is an advancement when you get to the top of the lift (See Clam Shell if you need a reminder). When you get to the top of the lift of your knee, maintain that same knee position as you slowly begin to separate your feet until your tibia (shin bone) is level or parallel […]

Hip Arthritis Strikes Americans

One of the most common chronic conditions in US is hip osteoarthritis, with as many as one in five Americans affected by it during their lifetimes. While stories about hip replacements are often in the press, only a minority of people with hip osteoarthritis get the surgery each year. The remainder are treated with conservative therapies that include physical therapy, therapeutic exercise and pain medications. A recent article in Daily […]

Hip osteoarthritis strikes Americans

HipTrac Fast Track

HipTrac Fast Track to Results

Getting Started the Right Way As a health care provider for 18 years, I have found that it is very important for patients to feel the effects of a treatment, even the first time it is performed. We know that one treatment doesn’t fix a chronic problem, but the individual needs to have a belief in the treatment for it to be most effective. Likewise, for a patient who has […]

Clamshell – Exercise of the Week

Exercise gluteals and deep rotators This exercise focuses on your gluteals (buttocks) and deep rotators of your hip. Lie on your side with your knees and hips bent as shown in the picture. The bottom of your feet should be lined up with your spine. The most important aspects of this exercise are to make sure that you raise your knee straight up towards the ceiling and keep pressing your […]

exercise gluteals

extreme workout hip injuries

Extreme workout hip injuries on the rise

In recent years, extreme workouts – such as Crossfit, that combines gymnastics, power lifting and plyometrics – have spread from athletes, firefighters and soldiers to a much wider range of participants. As a recent article discussed, extreme workouts can have consequences. “It’s important that people live healthy and exercise. But as the saying goes, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing, and some orthopedic surgeons say they’re […]