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Hip extensor exercise

Single Leg Bridge – Exercise of the Week

Hip Extensor Exercise This week’s exercise is called the Single Leg Bridge. This movement requires the work and coordination of many muscles in the human body, with the main target being the Hip Extensors. This group involves the gluteals (buttocks), hamstrings (back of thigh) and the lower back muscles. This movement is really important as it not only strengthens these muscles but also improves their coordination. As you bring one […]

Stop the pill placebo in conservative treatment of hip osteoarthritis!

Conservative therapy for hip osteoarthritis used to include only medications, pharmaceuticals, exercise and weight management, and waiting for it to get painful enough to warrant surgical intervention.  Most international clinical guidelines recommended paracetamol (more commonly known as acetaminophen, or by the brand name Tylenol) as a first line treatment for osteoarthritis and low back pain.  But a 2015 study concluded that paracetamol “is no better at treating low back pain […]

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Tips to protect joints when working around the house

Protecting your joints

The Arthritis Foundation recently published a great post on how to protect your joints in their “Living with Arthritis” blog.  If you’re living with osteoarthritis, it’s easy to forget that you can get injured doing everyday mundane things. Common overuse injuries come from repeatedly putting our bodies in positions that put excess stresses on the joints, ligaments and muscles.  Check out this post for a list of things to think about as you go […]

What’s a HipTrac and how can it help my patients?

If you work with patients who have hip OA, FAI, or labral tears, OR if you work with athletes who train and compete intensively, you should know about HipTrac and what it offers those patients. Sign up for one of our webinars to learn more about HipTrac, how it provides independent long axis hip traction, and how it can add to your clinic. You’ll meet Tony Rocklin, DPT, who invented […]

Tony in What's a HipTrac webinar

hip oa exercises - single leg squat

Single Leg Squat – Exercise of the Week

Difficulty Level IV – Single Leg Squat The gluteals or buttocks muscles are a group of 3 muscles that are arguably the most important group of muscles in the entire human body as it relates to human movement and function. They are vital for proper mechanics of the entire lower extremity including the hip, knee and foot/ankle complex. If these muscles are weak or not firing correctly, it can lead […]