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HipTrac Protocols – Initial – Part 1

A frequent question we hear is “what’s the recommended protocol for using HipTrac?”  The initial protocol we suggest is focused on enabling each patient to discover the combination of position, time  and traction force that provides them with the greatest pain relief and increased mobility.  After that initial period, there are some distinct differences when using HipTrac for various pathologies – including OA, FAI, labral tears – as well as for individuals […]

HipTrac Protocols for relieving hip pain

Tony Rocklin presents

What is HipTrac?

HipTrac™ is relatively new on the scene, having been cleared for sale by the FDA in 2012. It’s the first medical device that replicates manual long-axis hip traction and relieves the pain and other symptoms of hip osteoarthritis. It is revolutionizing the way we treat the symptoms of hip osteoarthritis during the often lengthy period from OA diagnosis to hip replacement surgery. By enabling patients to independently apply long axis […]