Faster recovery after workouts with HipTrac

Athlete surfing
In addition to relieving the pain and other symptoms of hip osteoarthritis, HipTrac also helps athletes achieve faster recovery after workouts.  Athletes who experience joint stiffness, pain and muscle tightness after workouts or competition use HipTrac to stretch their hip joint and relax the muscles and tissue surrounding it.  Football, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, runners, surfers, skiers – even dancers can potentially benefit and gain faster recovery from workouts and competition by using HipTrac.
King Mo Lawal uses HipTracOne such athlete who uses HipTrac is King Mo Lawal, the former StrikeForce Light Heavyweight Champion and Bellator competitor. “As a former collegiate national wrestling champion, 2x Olympic Alternate, and current professional MMA athlete, I have put my body through intense and aggressive training 7 days per week for many years. As a result, my hips have been pretty beat up and can get really tight, sore and limited…The HipTrac performs the same technique, long axis hip traction, that my physical therapists would do and I can do it any time for as long as I want. I’ve been using my HipTrac for over a year now and my hips feel 1000% better and I can train as hard as I need to without worrying about them being too sore.”